COR Robotics is a company that exists as an avenue for both educating and inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers through the use of entertaining and engaging STEM activities.

COR Robotics has worked with dozens of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams to run many robotics camps around Minnesota. COR Robotics started in the summer of 2016 when founder Ryan Swanson partnered with four FRC teams to run seven camps throughout central Minnesota. In 2017, COR grew to eleven partner teams to run fifteen robotics camps. COR Robotics partners with SubZero Robotics (FRC team 5690) out of Esko, MN and CIS (FRC team 4607) out of Becker, MN. SubZero has generously enabled COR to run robotics camps by loaning their Lego Mindstorm kits for COR to use during the summer months. CIS, similarly, has loaned COR Robotics their Tetrix Robotics kits to use during the summer months. COR Robotics expanded to 28 camps in 2018 and has scheduled 92 camps scheduled for 2019.



Ryan Swanson is a Mechanical Engineer at Massman Automation in Alexandria, MN as well as a mentor for many high school robotics teams throughout Minnesota. Ryan has run more than 40 robotics camps from 2016-2018 and is the founder of COR Robotics. Within COR, Ryan’s current responsibilities include managing current robotics camps, finding new partner teams, hiring new employees, managing finances, and much more. Ryan Swanson founded Bison Robotics at NDSU and has served in the positions of Fundraising Officer, Service Coordinator, Vice President, and President. While acting as Service Coordinator, more than 50 Bison Robotics members volunteered for more than 5,000 hours, with a vast majority of that time spent with high school robotics students. Ryan Swanson volunteers with FIRST Robotics as a Robot Inspector and has done so for 3 years. Ryan also works directly with FIRST Robotics teams in his spare time, mentoring them and imparting knowledge upon them. The interaction that Ryan has with teams and students at these volunteer events, makes Ryan’s job as Owner of COR Robotics much easier.