Eureka Engineering (3rd-5th Grade)

Eureka introduces students to the core skills of robotics and other STEM areas through engaging, hands-on learning opportunities. Student groups will work with Lego Mindstorm kits, which include both programming and mechanical components. The small groups will be mentored by experienced and passionate students from both high school and collegiate level robotics teams. For those interested in getting involved in FIRST Robotics, Eureka serves as a marvelous transition into a FIRST Lego League team!


Tech Trek (6th-8th Grade)

Tech Trek provides students with opportunities to create and apply knowledge of STEM topics in a group setting. Students will work with Lego Mindstorm kits which integrate electrical, programming, and mechanical concepts. Enthusiastic members from high school and collegiate level robotics teams will guide students as they navigate through engineering challenges. Tech Trek builds a concrete foundation of robotics concepts, which will especially benefit those looking into joining a FIRST Tech Challenge team.


Virtual Reality Experience (Ages 7+)

Check out the new and exciting world of Virtual Reality! This event will include a wide variety of virtual reality systems ranging from a $15 Google Cardboard which works with your cell phone to display simple virtual experiences, all the way up to a powerful, $2,000 Oculus Rift system which brings visually stunning and immersive worlds to life, and everything in between! Better yet, bring the family along and watch each other’s stunned reactions and amazement with each new virtual encounter. There will also be a tennis ball shooting, remote control robot for you or the kids to drive while you’re not wearing or watching the virtual reality systems! It’s the perfect night out with your family or friends!


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Bring the excitement of Virtual Reality and Robotics to your child’s party! COR Robotics’ Birthday Party Package includes use of Virtual Reality equipment as well as the opportunity to drive a large remote controlled robot. Our trained staff will handle all of the equipment setup and teardown while keeping all the participants engaged throughout the party. Your child will have so much fun they’ll forget that they’re learning! For more information regarding pricing, availability, and any other questions you have, feel free to reach out!




COR Robotics Family Night


Event Description:

The COR Robotics Family Night incorporates educational and inspirational STEM-themed challenges into an exciting event where parents and children can compete with and against each other for fun and exciting prizes. Participants will have the opportunity to build their own drag racing robot to try to get the fastest time, explore the exciting world of virtual reality, and drive a real life robot in a competitive challenge to earn a high score. There will be prizes given away to those with the highest scores and fastest times in the various challenges.

Event Pricing Options:

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